Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thank You Jesus, for Bluebonnets.

I spent years of my life driving from Houston to College Station and back. It's my favorite stretch of road, and March was always my favorite time to drive it. Thank you Lady Bird Johnson for using your time as first lady of Texas to plant wildflowers along the state highways.

Because I LOVE Texas wildflowers.

Every year at this time, bluebonnet pictures start showing up on facebook. All my Texas peeps dress their kiddoes up in their spring cuteness and plop them down in fields in the middle of nowhere. I love seeing every single picture, even though they make me homesick.

And though we were just in our travel clothes, I was thrilled to find myself  driving along the bluebonnet-lined central Texas roads in March. These pictures make me SO HAPPY.

(We were just off the side of the road, so when we took Micah out of the van, we made a really big deal about staying in the grass, that the fast cars could give you "owas", stay with Mommy or Daddy, etc. He was fine taking the group picture, and as long as he was with Luke or Tobin (or us). But then we plopped him down in the flowers and walked away from him to take his picture. He freaked. Brilliant. Maybe should have seen that one coming? So his picture is a bit of a close up, since he wasn't going to let go of my hand for a minute. You'd have to know he was in the bluebonnets, but it's still super cute, no?)

Don't know when we'll be in central Texas in March again... But these pictures will tide me over for a good long time.