Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easy Peasy Kid Treat: Waffle Sandwiches!

OK. This is a super fun kid treat. Not healthy at all, but a fun treat when you're looking for something special or just different.

Tobin recently found a Pampered Chef kids' cookbook that we received as a wedding gift. He's been begging me to make some of the recipes for him. We had all of the ingredients for this one, and it was one of his top requests - so I told him we could make it.

And then he asked me every day for a week or more, and I kept putting him off - our mornings didn't lend themselves to having this for breakfast. Finally last weekend we decided to get creative with our lunch.

All you need is:
2 Frozen waffles (the recipe calls for mini waffles, but I had chocolate chip Eggo ones)
Peanut butter

(See? If you're like me and keep frozen waffles around for an occasional easy breakfast, you probably have all of these things on hand today.)

Toast your waffles, and cut them in fourths. Spread 4 fourths with peanut butter, and 4 fourths with jelly. Place banana slices on each peanut butter fourth, and cover with the jelly fourth.

Set them before your 4 year old and have him jump up, throw his arms around your waist and say, "I WUV YOU MOM!"

** Sorry about the see-food. He was pretty excited. :)

If your kids are a little older, they could totally make this with you or by themselves. But my two + peanut butter always results in a mess. And Luke thinks waffles and bananas are gross. So I did the assembly myself.