Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Dog

We interrupt your Christmas Extravaganza updates with the following news...

Border Collies are crazy.

We had another snow day today. I'd tell you how cold it is, but I've stopped checking because it's too depressing. And I haven't left the house since Monday anyway (and Monday I only left to take Luke to school & bring him home again.) Even if school's not canceled tomorrow, I probably won't have to leave the house again, because it's not my day to drive in the car pool. I must say I picked a great week to stay in all week & potty train! On that front, it's day 3, and we had NO accidents today. I think he's getting it - YAY!

So...It's freezing to an amazing degree today, with what the news calls "blizzard like conditions." Any sane living thing would stay inside where it's warm, if they had the choice.

But not Dudley. Border Collies are great dogs, but they do like to have a job. If you don't give them one, they'll come up with one on their own. Dudley has decided that it's his God-given duty in life to protect our back yard from wild life. He also likes to be inside with us, but he always has one eye on his yard, and the squirrel activity in particular. We also have rabbits wander through occasionally, which drives him WILD. I think the squirrels run across the back fence just to taunt him, also.

What that means is that, even though it's negative something out there, and blizzarding about all day, he spent most of his day on the back porch, watching over his domain. I've gotten used to the constant in and outs, but I don't like seeing him sitting out there, visibly shivering.

I looked out the back door today to see this:

Can you tell how intent he is? He's looking toward the tree where the squirrels live - they run from that neighbor's yard, across our back fence, into the neighbor's yard on the other side of us...

Needless to say, this picture was taken through the window in our back door.

I had Tobin bang on the door and we called his name:

Isn't he cute, all encrusted with snow?

Then, of course, he was like, "Oh, it's you. Let me in, please?"

Border Collies really are the best dogs. Even if they are crazy. It is nice to have a varmint free yard...
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