Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Christmas Letter (or lack of...)

Most of you probably noticed that for the first time in years and years, you didn't get a Christmas letter from us. I HATE not sending one out, especially since I so enjoy all the letters and pictures that we get. But we just couldn't spend that money this year - we came into our marriage with about 100 recipients EACH (that's a combination of extensive families and years of relationships through 2 separate churches and college ministries.) We cut it down every year (something else I HATED), but it was still such a long list. Even if we just did family, we've got 2 long lists of Davises (I'm Davis on both sides, it was my mom's maiden name as well as her married name), Eysters, Meyers, and McCutcheons. There are LOTS of McCutcheons! :). We would probably have almost 50 people just on a family list.

For a couple of years Matt has been trying to talk me into an e-letter. Yuck. But last year I finally capitulated. We just can't spend $200 of our Christmas budget on sending a letter (and I had it down to the cheapest possible picture/letter combo - it's the postage that kills you!) So this year we decided to do an internet Christmas letter...except I never did it. That's what happens when I don't have the deadline hanging over my head! :)

So... In lieu of our normal Christmas letter, here's a little glimpse into our 2009 (please ignore that you're seeing this almost a month into 2010...)