Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trick or Treat!

It has been brought to my attention by several family members that I have not shared our Halloween festivities. I did in fact share them on Facebook...but not everyone dear to us is on Facebook (Hi Zoo! And Opi & Omi! And Grandma & Grandpa!), and even those on Facebook don' understand how to use it? So they only see things I tag them in (Hi too-many-parents-and-other-relatives-to-name! At least for my mom, our friend Cindy tells her what I'm doing on Facebook, so she keeps up!)

So...for the facebook challenged... Here is our Halloween Hoopla!

First of all... While I LOVE fall, I'm not really a fan of lots of aspects of Halloween. We love dressing up and trick-or-treating (or going to our church's Halloween party), but I don't let the kids dress up as anything gross, evil, or scary. I do however, like to do LOTS of things leading up to Halloween, so the kids get opportunities to wear their costumes and enjoy more than just one night. We usually do a pumpkin patch (not in costume), and Boo at the Zoo. This year we didn't do anything other than the fall/pumpkin related things at the apple orchard, and I'm paying the price. If you ask Micah how he liked Halloween, he says, "I GO AGAIN!?!" And Tobin would NOT stop talking about how he was so sad that Halloween was only one day. It does help that we got some good deals on costumes at the after-Halloween sale, so they have dressed up every day this week. BUT next year, I want to do at least one other costume activity ahead of time... My vote is for what my neighbor did this year, Boo at the U: Halloween with the University Equestrian Club. The horses were in costume. How awesome is that??

We did take the time Monday night to carve pumpkins, which the boys LOVED.

Last year: Meeting in Uganda. This year, carving pumpkins together!
I wasn't sure how this would go over, since when I came home with the pumpkins, Tobin claimed his and insisted that we would NOT be cutting "her" open. Oh dear. But when the time came, he was pretty happy to give her a scary face.

 Luke did a great job with his giant pumpkin, and Matt did Micah's. I drew Tobin's face, but he wanted to cut most of it out himself. He did over-cut a few times, but I think it came out super cute. And there weren't even any tears when we needed to throw the pumpkin babies out. My tender hearted one is growing up!

So once Halloween rolled around, we got our traditional jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's (a DEAL at $8, it's take and bake, so you can pick it up earlier in the day and have it ready when you want it.)

Then the little boys got suited up, while Matt drove Luke to the middle school skate party. We had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle....
 And a cowboy on a horse. If you're keeping track, this is not the first time you've seen this costume. Or the second. I have gotten more mileage out of this after-Halloween-sale purchase from 4 years ago....

 I would have shelled out for a new costume for Micah's first Halloween...But little bit is OBSESSED with horses, "My Horsey Favorite." He was THRILLED, nothing I bought new would have made him this happy.

It was lovely weather, and we went trick-or-treating with our fun neighbors. Good times.

Laying in the loot!

Meanwhile, Luke was skating with the middle school group from church. He didn't want to get a costume (I think he'll want to next year...he doesn't like depending on the sharing kindness of others, as far as candy goes.) But when the night rolled around, he decided to dress up. Tobin followed him around asking, "What are you supposed to BE?"
 Afro-Circus Mardi Gras Fairy?

Happy Fall, y'all!