Monday, April 9, 2012

Capture Gratitude: Easter Edition!

“There is no event so common place but that God is present within it, always hidden, always leaving you room to recognize Him or not to recognize Him.”  Fredrick Buechner 

Before I get started counting this week's many Easter gifts, can I just give a blogging shout out? I wasn't sure when I started counting gifts in this way if I'd stick to it. But I really love it. It gives an overview of our week, and I like that it's a framework for big moments, but also every day moments. Things I'd never write an entire blog post about. But I also love that knowing I'm going to be doing this every Monday keeps me watching for thankful I love, and things I choose to give thanks for even when they don't feel very fun.  If you blog, you should consider doing something like this, it's really been a help and blessing.

P.S. I capture a lot of my gratitude via Instagram, which is my favorite app & social network at the moment. Up until recently, it's only been available to iPhone users - but Instagram is now available for Androids. If you're an Android user, check it out! And come find me - Nebraskaree.

And now... Easter gifts and thankful things!

Since I left for Africa at the end of October, my participation in any corporate worship, even our college group has been very hit or miss. I've made some Sundays, now that Micah is doing well in the nursery/Sunday School. But with Luke's basketball and soccer schedule even that has been spotty.

Micah went to Matt's mom's with Tobin and Luke on Thursday night - for the first time. I am SO THANKFUL that he did GREAT (Sara emailed us that night - 3 words: Piece of Cake). I am also really thankful that I am going to be able to get back into a normal schedule. And very thankful I was able to be at Destinations Coffee House for our pre-Easter worship Thursday night.

 Good for my soul. Also, we sang this song, which I love.

I've never gone to a church that had a Good Friday service. The last few years I've felt myself desiring a way to observe Good Friday. This year our church was open from 7am - 7pm with a self-guided Good Friday communion and celebration.  Such. A. Blessing.

These are my sister's favorites.

More about this coming soon... But it was so fun to be with Luke's grandparents again this Easter. And I love a small town Easter egg hunt.

Grandpa got a pretty new tractor. Or, as Micah calls it, "FRRRAAAAACCTOR".

We almost always spend Easter in Dow City, with Luke's family (Matt's first wife, Luke's first mom went to be with the Lord on April we like to be with her family at this time of year.) That means we almost always celebrate Easter at a small Lutheran church, singing unfamiliar songs and observing unfamiliar ceremonies. And I love it. I love that my kids can see different ways to worship God. And I especially love telling Luke that his mom probably did those same things, in that same church all of her growing up years.

I don't completely love that this involves a Sunrise service. Waking all of our kids up at 6AM to get dressed for church is PAINFUL.

But it did result in this picture, which I love, taken over hot chocolate before church.
Can't stop laughing at Tobin's expression. And Micah. Hysterical.