Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Capture Gratitude: Catching Up

“There is no event so common place but that God is present within it, always hidden, always leaving you room to recognize Him or not to recognize Him.”  Fredrick Buechner 
 Lots and lots of gratitude and pictures just waiting to be shared... I've been counting gifts and capturing pictures as reminders. But haven't shared any in almost a month. It's going to be a long one folks. But there's loads of cuteness, so buckle up!

I'm happy every time these 2 get along.

For the record, minutes after I captured the cuteness above, the brotherhood broke down and there was violence and tears. Sigh.

But they sure are cute.

I mean, this is how they watch TV (on Luke's kindle Fire.) I find them like this many mornings when I come home from the gym. Matt is in the shower, and they're watching "BEE BEE" as Micah calls it, piled up like this. Melts.my.heart.

And this is their preferred way to lunch. Baggies of PB&Honey, outside, together.

110. SLEEP
Of all of God's gifts, this may be my current favorite. Not that I get enough of it... But a few weeks ago, something glorious happened.  Micah has joined the 2 older boys going to Grammie's house on Thursday nights so that I can be at our weekly college Bible study. After 7 months away, it's been wonderful to be back. But the best part of all came the next day. I often have meetings first thing on Friday morning - but this particular Friday was FREE. So...

 A picture taken from my pillow: Of the clock at 9:52. DREAMY.

111. "WAIT ME GUYS!"
We are learning many delightful things about our precious youngest boy, it has been so fun to see him blossom in our family. One of my favorite things to see is his JOY at being included in group activities. This picture just captures what he always says as he follows behind, not wanting to miss out on any of the fun.

Everyone's favorite time of day.

I miss my big Texas sky. But this will do (assuming it keeps it's tornadic activity to a minimum.)

So thankful for our wonderful local children's zoo. The Omaha zoo is amazing, but massive. Lincoln's zoo is perfect for 2 hours, a picnic lunch, and then home for nap.

 And the train??
 Wow, was *that* a hit.

Like many boy-heavy households, Garbage day is like a holiday in our house. I really want to go dig out the pictures I have of Luke at this age...and then Luke introducing Tobin... and now this. What a collage that will make!

 Greek yogurt + spinach + lovely frozen mangoes and pineapple = delish. And the two youngest boys join me in this love (Luke is not coming anywhere near this...)

Last year we got to have Sarah several days a week while her mom worked. Now that she has a stay-at-home mommy (yay for them!), we get to have lots of playdates, but Tobin is never satisfied with a few hours, when he used to have full days.
 We got to have Sarah for a full day a few weeks ago while her Mama packed up for their upcoming move (speaking of gifts: they're now 5 minutes away from us. I'm so happy.) The boys loved.every.minute.

 I redecorated one of our walls this month - I gathered art and pictures we had been collecting and made a big display wall. I'll share the final product later, but I made one thing myself.

Love it so.much.

I thought I would wait to take Micah to the theater... One episode of The Backyardigans holds him rapt, but I wasn't sure if a full length movie would do it. And then I learned about Chimpanzee (a documentary following a baby Chimp, filmed in Uganda, perfect for families. And only an hour and 15 minutes long.) Micah is *obsessed* with monkeys, so I knew it would be perfect.

Matt was out of town for a wedding a few weekends ago, so the boys and I headed to the movies. As predicted, Micah was spellbound. He loved eating popcorn and drinking soda, of course. And every 5 minutes, he'd grin at me and say, "MONKEY!" :)

My favorite Sunday of the year is the last Sunday in college worship hour, when we usually do baptisms. I love hearing people's stories of God's faithfulness. So thankful to get to be a part of others' stories, and especially for these 4 dear ones.
As we head into a new season, we've gotten to experience lots of firsts with Micah. It's so fun to see him leap into our family activities and traditions. I never know when a first is going to hit me emotionally... For whatever reason, seeing him take his first swim lesson had me teary the entire time.
I mean, it's not like swim lessons are vital to a full and happy life. People all over the globe live their whole lives without a swimming pool and are perfectly content. But I'm sure happy that this little boy gets to enjoy the water here with us.