Monday, January 30, 2012

Capture Gratitude/1000 Gifts


Tobin is ALL better, praise Jesus. But Luke developed a sore throat on Friday and tested positive for strep on Saturday morning.  While I was at the doctor's office with all 3 little boys, Matt was at Urgent Care - he woke up with Conjunctivitis, his eye was swollen up and almost sealed shut. Luke could have been back at school today, but one of his eyes hurts and is bright red. We started him on drops this morning (which they called in for me, which is good because 3 visits to the pediatrician in 2 weeks is too many.)

My eyes aren't red at all, but they feel puffy, and I can kind of feel the inside of my eyelids. Double sigh.

I guess it's just this time of year.

Nevertheless, there's lots to be thankful for - not the least of which that we can afford healthcare, prescriptions, and have easy access to doctors and pharmacists.

We had company Sunday afternoon... I had plenty of time to get everyone ready, since we couldn't go to church or let Luke be around people until he'd been on his antibiotic 24 hours. What I didn't have was time to everything I needed to do AND hold Micah Marvin as much as he was wanting to be held.

So I strapped him on. I haven't resorted to carrying MM at home yet (although I have worn him a LOT in public), because he hasn't really wanted/needed it. But I wore him on my back for HOURS on Sunday, and he was so happy. He periodically hugged me from behind  or say, "DIS DIS", wanting me to crane my head around so he could give me a kiss. Darling.

Despite company and rampant sickness, I have been able to get a few things done this week.This is a season of adjusting to being a family of 5, and we're spending a LOT more time than usual at home.  I've really wanted to use this season of homebound-ness to get some things more organized around the house - projects that are easier to do when you're at home for larger chunks of time.

First up was the pantry. I just reorganized my pantry a few months ago, but we've still had a problem with weevils. Now it's mostly because little hands don't always seal things back in their packages. But I'd also found them in my pasta containers - so I bought some new sealed containers, and put everything else in glad ware containers from our massive post-new baby meals collection. While I was at it, I also put down new shelf liners and reorganized.

I also did the sink under the boys' bathroom (to make room for our large collection of Micah-lotion and conditioner.) I didn't take a picture of that, but I did get one of the inside freezer, which may be the place in our house that most needed to be cleaned out.

 I realize this doesn't look super organized - it actually doesn't look that different than it did before I cleaned it out.

The difference is that this picture shows all food that's been bought RECENTLY and will be used in the next few weeks. Before it was FULL - I could hardly fit any of our daily/weekly needs food in there. I was keeping everything like that in the standing freezer in the garage. Because our indoor freezer was full of food. Mostly stuff from several years ago. Ugh. Why didn't I do this 3 years ago? It didn't even take very long. And now when we need a new loaf of bread, I don't have to go into the freezing garage to get it.

Refereeing and negotiating sibling conflict is my least favorite aspect of being a mom (even lower than poop and vomit, and that is saying something.) When I get glimpses of brotherly love, it makes my heart SO HAPPY.

Yesterday, despite having hardly left the couch for 2 days, Luke really wanted to play in his basketball game. We have a few players out of town, so he knew the team really needed him (without him, there were only 5 players.) The doctor said that as long as he felt better, he'd be on antibiotics for long enough by game time (4:45), so play he did. He was SO TIRED when that game was over!

While he was playing, Tobin made this sign and ran along the sidelines with it (he really wanted to go over and show Matt, but Matt was filling in for our coach, who is out of town.)

I asked him what it says, and he translated for me: "Go Luke Meyer". Love.

 Aunt Terry was in town this weekend. It was her first visit to Nebraska since we lost Uncle Jon, so it was hard - but so good to have her here. We got lots of good time with Matt's dad and stepmom, and Betsy's family, and hopefully didn't infect them all with strep. Or pink eye. Sigh.