Thursday, October 20, 2011

We're going to Africa...a week from Saturday (YIPES!)

I've been hearing rumors for a while now causing me to think more and more that we won't be going back to Ug to bring our little guy home until after the new year.... We got an email Saturday morning confirming that...our lawyer said that all of the court dates this year are taken. She said she was trying to see if she can get us in...

And Friday 10/14 was 2 months since I've seen our little guy.

My heart was so sad.

But part of trusting the Lord is trusting this process. Human schedules and timelines are not outside of His jurisdiction, and we are in His hands, no one else's.

I spent the weekend bringing my heart to a place of TRUST, and began to really settle into the idea of having a few more months to ENJOY this season as a family of 4, determined to rest in God's choices for us.

Then Wednesday morning I heard from our lawyer again that we have a court date. November 1.

We leave a week from Saturday. A.week.from.Saturday.

I have a lot to do... Call Luke's school and make sure he can come with us... Gather all the paperwork we need... Probably make another trip to our wonderful notary.... Do laundry and gather summer clothes (we've moved into our fall/winter wardrobe here in NE, but I made sure that we kept the summer stuff handy so I could get to it quickly just in case)... Buy a few things for our little guy, including an outfit (or 2, just in case) for him to wear to court... Gather donations and things to take to Ug*nda... And the list goes on and on.

We are EXCITED and SO VERY THANKFUL that the Lord has provided for us to (Lord willing!) bring our little guy home this year. And I am super excited to go back to Ug*nda and learn more about our little guy's home country and culture, and to see the friends that I made there. It will be so wonderful to introduce Matt and (hopefully!) Luke to the beauty of Ug*nda.

Of course my head is also SPINNING. :)

Several folks have asked what they can do to help... This morning I was talking with some friends, telling them about the gifts and donations we want to bring with us (diapers, formula, wipes; small soaps and travel lotions to give as gifts.)

They encouraged me to let folks help with that, thinking that many people would love to send gifts to the people of Ug*nda... So be looking for more information about that coming soon (probably available only to local folks, since we have a pretty fast turnaround here!!)