Sunday, October 23, 2011

Donations for the babies home (and others!)

Calling all Lincoln-ites (and local friends!)
We would love to take a donation to the babies home when we go next week... I mentioned this to some friends last week, and they encouraged me to open this up and see if any local friends want to contribute.

They are in need of diapers, wipes and formula. (It may be more cost effective to buy diapers there, since they take up so much room!)

We also have a list of items we'd love to take along to give as gifts for the mamas and workers at the babies home, and for drivers and others we meet along the way.

Here are some popular items:
  • Soaps
  • Small bottles of lotion or body wash (no shampoo, since Ugandan hair needs are significantly different)
  • Deodorant (which is super expensive, and therefore a luxury item)
  • Toothbrushes
  • I feel weird even typing this on the internet…but women’s sanitary napkins are also super expensive over there, and I’ve heard ladies really appreciate receiving them… So if you want to buy some pads to send over…. :) (I don’t think they use tampons, I’ve never seen them mentioned.)
  • Small children’s books (every Ug*ndan we met, including adults, was super interested in the children’s books I took along with us for little mister.)
  • Stickers
  •  Any other small, easy to pack gift item, for kids or adults.
Several folks preferred making a cash donation, we'll spend that on big bags of rice, sugar, and posho to divide up as gifts for the babies home workers - so we have a good mix of practical and fun items!

If any of you (Lincoln-ites) would like to join with us in this, you can drop donations off @ Lincoln Berean Church. If you know where it is, take it up to the college office, but otherwise, you can just put our names on it and leave it with the receptionist. 

We'd need all donations dropped off by Thursday so that we have time to pack everything up and be ready to go on Saturday (EEK!!)