Friday, October 14, 2011

Africa Coffee Cuffs!

We are so close to being DONE with our adoption fundraising! We don't know the final cost, but know that we're within a few thousand dollars, which is AWESOME and AMAZING.

At long last, I made myself sit down and FINISH some more coffee cuffs.

They're listed on my etsy shop, if you click on any of the pictures, the link will take you there. I actually have 20 or so, but I only listed 5, since Etsy charges me for each listing...

If you're local, be sure you get the free shipping coupon code from me before you order... I can just hand deliver to you, there's no reason to pay for shipping!

I also brought back a bundle of my very favorite African souvenir...paper bead necklaces, to sell for our adoption. LOVE THESE. I bought several as gifts and for myself (and have bought more from other families selling different styles to raise money for their own adoptions...I'm a sucker for an adoption fundraiser!) I can't sell those through Etsy, since I didn't make them myself... But I'll post pictures & tell you how to get ahold of one soon!

I have a few more things coming down the pike... Specifically some really cute journal covers, like this:

They are made to fit over standard composition books. This was my attempt to curve my constant journal-angst. I am a JOURNALER. I also have a problem thing with journals and any paper products, I just can't seem to get enough. I have a journal for my own thoughts/prayers/study. I have one that I use in church/Bible study/carrying around (because I like for my prayer/personal one to always be at home where I can find it easily and not have to go digging for it). I have journals for each of my boys (including the newest not-yet-at-home one!). I have notebooks that live in the kitchen for my lists etc. And I usually have a couple handy to give as gifts, or waiting in the wings for my own use. Matt calls those "journals in waiting." And sometimes j-urinals. :) (And don't even get him started on my addiction to love for Sharpie pens. Love.) Anyway... I like a cute journal, but I also like CHEAP. I'd seen these comp book covers around, and realized that I could have both - the comp books are usually under a dollar. And the cover makes it CUTE! And if it has an elastic closure like this holds my sharpie pen! Yay!
The one above is the one I've been using, so it's not for sale, although I have one more in a different style, but that same fabric... I made this one for me and several to give as gifts, making sure I had the pattern right and they're usable etc.

I'm also planning to make myself one with Africa on it (for the journal I've been keeping for our little guy, sharing my thoughts and prayers for him through this journey). I thought others might be interested in that, so I'm going to make a few... Probably in the next 2 weeks or so, so stay tuned :).