Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Shelf!!

IMG_0885 News about Uncle Jon came and sped life up, leaving me little time to blog. I have a couple of crafts the boys and I worked on in late September to share, a fun weekend at the apple orchard, and THIS awesome project Matt worked on throughout September. I mentioned it on Facebook, so several of you have been waiting for pictures… I think he did SUCH a great job, and thanks to some gift cards to hardware stores we didn’t spend much out of pocket.

We’ve been considering getting a desktop computer for a little while. We both have laptops, but the boys are wanting to use the computer more and more. It makes Matt super nervous to have the boys on either of our laptops, and mine is already pretty covered with a layer of crud thanks to being the family computer.

So we were thrilled when last month we were given a hand-me-down desk top computer. But then we had a dilemma –  in this day and age, it’s unwise to have computers (if they’re hooked up to the internet) in kids’ bedrooms or anywhere unsupervised. But I also didn’t want a computer in the middle of our living room – and we don’t have room for it anyway. Matt hadn’t even bothered bringing the computer home, since we didn’t have a place for it.

And then while tooling around on craft sites, I was reminded of Knock-Off Wood (now…We may never buy furniture again. She had plans for a secretary desk – which was the perfect solution for our living room. I’d considered something like this, but #1 The only space we have to put it is more narrow than anything store bought and #2 We can’t afford to buy a giant piece of furniture. I showed Matt the plans and asked if he thought he could make it, and change them to fit into the space we have.

Fast forward a couple of lovely September weekends, add a genius husband and some borrowed power tools, and you get THIS:

IMG_0890 IMG_0891

We made it narrow enough to fit in the space between our back door and window. We also just put shelves on the bottom instead of drawers, since I thought that was more practical for what we need anyway.


I am THRILLED. The boys LOVE having a computer that is “theirs”. And I like not having to share mine.

Anyone have any tips for cleaning crud off of a laptop computer? :)