Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Craft #1: Fabric Pumpkins

IMG_0883 I absolutely love Fall crafts. There are a zillion really cute ideas out there, and I’m really thankful that I got started on some before October was even here… since October has been uber-crazy, if I hadn’t been thinking pumpkins in September, we’d be pumpkin-less.

I started with a project for me – with my new favorite toy, my sewing machine. I’d seen these fabric pumpkins around, and Kari @ Ucreate had them as the project of the month for September, so I really wanted to try them out. I’ve been trying to just use things I have on hand for anything I make that’s not a gift…but since I’m new to sewing, I don’t have much a fabric stash built up yet.

Fortunately for me, my amazing Mother-in-Law, in addition to being the best Grammie and mom-in-law under the sun, is also a “saver”. She keeps everything. The kids play with Matt & Betsy’s childhood toys. I’ve yet to come up with something random that she doesn’t have on hand. I asked if she had fabric scraps (thinking the 1970s, when she would have been gathering fabric, would be prime Autumn colors), and sure enough, she had boxes and boxes. I found some classic examples of 1978 chic – the gold plush corduroy is my personal favorite. I can’t imagine wearing anything made out of it, but it was PERFECT for Fall pumpkins.

So here are my pumpkins:

IMG_0878 IMG_0879 

Including the gold corduroy:


And since the fabric was handed down to me (I even stuffed them with fabric scraps from Sara’s stash), this project is GREEN and FREE. Can’t beat that. And super cute, no?