Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Run (2010)

We had one shiny free Saturday in September – an off week for the Huskers (since college football dominates our weekend plans in the Fall…like everyone else in Nebraska), and a free weekend before the craziness of our October.

We started the day with the Pumpkin Run, one of Luke’s favorite Fall events. This was his last year in the Run, and we’ll have one year off before Tobin is eligible (it’s for K-5th). He did a great job, and had a good run – a mile in 7:46 (way faster than I could run it, that’s for sure!) And we enjoyed cheering him on, as well as cheering for several of our school friends (Tobin LOVES to cheer :D).

On your marks…


Get set…




The beginning of the race always makes me SO nervous…it feels inevitable that someone will get trampled. But they all stayed on their feet this year (at least with the 5th graders…)


Hilariously…  This year they had an official photographer, and it looks to me like he tried to get a picture of every single runner. No small feat considering how many hundreds of kids participate. I looked through the shots on his website until I found Luke – and he did get 3 close up shots of Luke. The photographer must have been placed in between the places where spectators were cheering. Shot # 1, Luke is walking (he was totally sprinting both places I could see him – I think they all turn the corner and take a break :D). He’s starting to run again in shot #2. Unfortunately, he’s also starting to SPIT. And in shot #3? There’s a clear line of SPIT from my precious son’s mouth, arcing toward the ground. We’re so proud. Needless to say, we didn’t order any prints. :)