Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So Long Summer!

I’ve had many thoughts and no time to blog them. But today I uploaded the pictures from my camera (so I could finally put up a picture of the apron I sewed for my mom – who bought me both the pattern for the apron and the machine I sewed it on, and who is patiently waiting to see it.)

And I found these, which I’d never shared…taken on 8/25…enjoying some last bits of summer. (Not that we’re not having some pretty summery weather still – but there’s no guarantee how long that will last.)


While Luke was at school, Tobin wanted a snack. Both boys love Trix yogurt (it’s actually the only yogurt Luke will eat…and only one particular flavor. Tobin is equal opportunity – haven’t found a yogurt he doesn’t love.) Over the summer, they started packaging little plastic handles with the Trix yogurt – so you can freeze them and make yogurt pops. The boys loved that idea, although I quickly learned that it was hazardous to their clothing.

And so: Here’s my younger child eating frozen yogurt in the back yard, wearing only his underwear and socks. :)


(Guess I could also have titled this post “Pics for the future: Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow edition”. :D)