Monday, December 7, 2009

Luke - Christmas Program

And here's Luke! This is the 4th & 5th Grade class, which is called Impact (Luke corrects me every time I say Sunday School.) I think they must have told them to be serious, because all the kids look kind of dour... With Luke, it could have been that, or it could have been that he was getting sick. I took him to the dr. this morning - mostly for his eyes. He was wrestling with Dudley on Saturday, and got a paw to the eye. He woke up today with 2 red eyes, the scratched one gooped shut (yuck.) They took care of that (and made sure his cornea wasn't scratched), but since we were in there anyway, I mentioned that he's had a sore throat off and on for about a week. He hasn't had any fever or other symptoms, but he is pretty prone to Strep, so I thought as long as we're in there, might as well check. Sure enough... Strep throat.

So we're having our own little snow day...bunkered in and huddled up. It's kind of nice to have a day mostly at home!

Enjoy the video...this is the last one (for now :D):

p.s. I'm not sure what is going on with the shaky camera work here...but it probably had to do with a very squirmy 2 year old...