Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun at the CWS

One of our family's favorite summer traditions is the College World Series. We live an hour fromOmaha, home of the CWS, and Matt has been going with his dad since he was in high school. Matt's dad and stepmom have season tickets now, and we are so thankful for their generosity to invite and include us! Matt and Luke have been able to go to several games, it's been fun these last few years now that Luke is actually into the game and not just the food! And that he's not playing baseball himself, because his baseball schedule has really limited our availability in the past. But the little boys were feeling a bit left out. We were so thankful that George and Renae were able to find 3 extra tickets so that we could all go today, to see Kent State beat Florida (Always happy to see a Florida team lose, I have no idea why!)

The little boys were very excited... For about the first two innings. Then... They were hot, bored, tired and hungry. But it was a great game and the rest of us enjoyed it!