Friday, June 29, 2012

A day at the (children's) museum

We spent this morning at the Lincoln Children's Museum with our friends Brooke & Sarah. If you were guessing what the highlight was, any number of these things seem like they'd be a good guess:

The big red chair (which Micah was slightly afraid of...)
The rotating display this summer is CONSTRUCTION, complete with ride-on bulldozers.
Football! How cute is our little Husker!
 The Police Boda Boda would be a really good guess...

This was more for me... I have this same picture from when T was 18 months old. Love it.

Sarah didn't want to be in the picture...except maybe she did.
 My highlight for sure: I almost broke my own elbow grabbing my camera to catch this:

But no. The highlight for the boys was the construction going on a block from the museum. We stood there and watched for a looooooong time. And then...
 The awesome guy driving the backhoe waved the kids over and asked if they wanted to get in. Ummmm...YES.

 After the boys finished, the workers asked if "la nina" wanted in too - Yes indeed!
I can't believe how nice those construction workers were - they just MADE our kids' day. Micah was just totally in awe, and the other two were pretty excited as well.

And when we got home... Little mister CRASHED.

A good time was had by ALL.