Monday, November 21, 2011

Not a bad place to be stuck waiting....

Hello from Uganda!! I am still here... Matt & Luke went home on the 9th and I've been here with our littlest one waiting for his last paperwork to be cleared. We have everything we need - we are his legal guardians - but we do not have his Ugandan passport. Once we get that, we can apply for a visa to bring him home to the US. I'm praying I'll have the passport in hand in the next 24 hours (but I've also been praying that and been told it would be 2 days for over a week now!)
So we WAIT. I've been very homesick. A good portion of that is because I was sick, plus I moved out of the baby home guesthouse and to an unfamiliar place with new people - so I've had some more adjustments to make.
But I have to admit... If I've going to be stuck waiting somewhere, this isn't bad:

That's the view from my balcony. LOVELY. While our little guy naps, I can sit out here (assuming it's not torrentially downpouring...) and enjoy the cool breeze and beauty of the Lord's creation. SO THANKFUL.
Here's the view if I turn to the right (overlooking the courtyard where the kids can play - except my kid, who is terrified of the owners' pet dog!):

And to the left:

I've combatted homesickness by going back to the basics - the Lord is NEAR me, He is FOR me, I am NOT ALONE... Practicing thankfulness... getting enough nutrition and sleep... And cuddles from my sweet little one.

I'm ready to have all of my family in one place. But until the Lord takes us home, I'll enjoy being right here.