Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday America (in pictures!)

Summary: The Fourth of July in Nebraska is awesome. And Micah likes fireworks.

City fireworks on the 3rd...
 ... Glow bottles thanks to Pinterest, Instagram, and Mandie Joy.

 My sister-in-law's dog. Who, like a normal dog, is totally FREAKED out by fireworks.
 Aaaaand, my dog: Who we continually had to call back, as he went to chase the fireworks. Wierdo.

 In case you're wondering where Luke was in these pictures... He was SO EXCITED to be old enough to be in charge of the pyrotechnics. With Matt's supervision, Luke set off all the fireworks, with his grandmother and I hollering periodically, "Keep your head back!!"

And my favorite firework of the night... the paper lantern. We let it go and it floated off into the distance. So fun.
(Anna was a little perturbed. She wanted to tie a string to it, so we could let it go, but also keep it forever.)