Saturday, September 10, 2011

Middle School. I'm a middle school mom.

Luke has been in school for what? 3 weeks now? But I finally have a back to school post. At least I have a good excuse... considering that I got back in the country 2 days before he started, I'm really just now getting into the swing of things.

So far, 6th grade has been a HIT. I think he mostly likes the independence...and having a locker...and riding his bike to school.

I really debated about that last he old enough to be riding his bike? He has only one major intersection to cross, and he meets up with a couple of friends one neighborhood over and they ride through neighborhoods to the school. I had reservations, but Matt felt like I was just being over protective, and Luke desperately wanted to ride, so we let him try it. He loves it, and it has gone without incident so far.

Well, we have had one incident...but that was me forgetting the day that school got out early. Luke had to call me and ask where I was. But that's not a bike incident, that's a forgetful mom incident. And if he'd been on his bike, it wouldn't have happened, but it rained that morning, so I drove him (against his will, I might add. He BEGGED to ride his bike to school in the rain. What is the allure, I wonder??)

Anyway... for our back to school post, I had Luke answer some questions about Middle School so far.

Where do you go to school?
Scott Middle School

What do you like about middle school, so far?
I like that you get a locker and that I have an early lunch. I also ride my bike to school.

What do you not like about middle school (if anything)?

What subjects are you studying right now?
My classes are Science, Math, Social Studies, Keyboarding,   Art, Language Arts, and  P.E.

I'm studying Rocks and Weathering, Decimals, Africa, Home Row, Abstract Art

What is your favorite class and why?
Math, because I really like my math teacher and he’s really funny.

Which is your least favorite? Why?
Social Studies, Because it’s not very interesting.

So... In Social Studies, they're studying Africa. I guess he doesn't find it very interesting, but I'm thinking in a few months, when he (hopefully) GOES to Africa with us, that will all come alive. :)

So. We have a boy in middle school. Which is wonderful, and I actually feel excited about what these years will hold in forming Luke into the man God made him to be.

It's just a little weird, because this was just yesterday:

Sigh. (Kindergarten, Fall 2005.)

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Friday, September 2, 2011


Wednesday night Matt and I were in bed (TALKING people, TALKING. Real romance is almost always in the talking.)

Anyway… I got teary about something silly. We were remembering some conversations we had early in our relationship and I started to think, “What if I’d never met him? What if he hadn’t been attracted to me? What if he hadn’t fallen in love with me??” I know, silly. 

But even though he’s given me every proof that he is attracted to me, and is in love with me, just thinking about “what if” made me a little weepy. 

Would you like to know how my wonderful husband comforted me?
He tenderly wiped a tear from my cheek and said,

“Don’t cry, Shopgirl.”

Real romance: Your husband knowing that the most comforting thing he could do when you’re being silly and sad is to make you laugh with your LEAST favorite line from one of your favorite movies.

For those of you who don’t know this about me… I love the movie “You’ve Got Mail.”  And love that my own love story (which happened very post-You’ve Got Mail) happened so much over email. 

But. I hate the ending (not that they end up together, just the dialog.) 

When I’m watching it, I stop it when Tom Hanks comes up over the hill into the garden, calling, “Briiiinkleeey!” And Meg Ryan sees him.

Perfect ending. But you have to stop it there, otherwise…