Friday, September 2, 2011


Wednesday night Matt and I were in bed (TALKING people, TALKING. Real romance is almost always in the talking.)

Anyway… I got teary about something silly. We were remembering some conversations we had early in our relationship and I started to think, “What if I’d never met him? What if he hadn’t been attracted to me? What if he hadn’t fallen in love with me??” I know, silly. 

But even though he’s given me every proof that he is attracted to me, and is in love with me, just thinking about “what if” made me a little weepy. 

Would you like to know how my wonderful husband comforted me?
He tenderly wiped a tear from my cheek and said,

“Don’t cry, Shopgirl.”

Real romance: Your husband knowing that the most comforting thing he could do when you’re being silly and sad is to make you laugh with your LEAST favorite line from one of your favorite movies.

For those of you who don’t know this about me… I love the movie “You’ve Got Mail.”  And love that my own love story (which happened very post-You’ve Got Mail) happened so much over email. 

But. I hate the ending (not that they end up together, just the dialog.) 

When I’m watching it, I stop it when Tom Hanks comes up over the hill into the garden, calling, “Briiiinkleeey!” And Meg Ryan sees him.

Perfect ending. But you have to stop it there, otherwise…