Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adventures in Uganda: Halfway point (trip 1)

2/2012  Due to the nature of adoption in Uganda (and, frankly, the occasional craziness of the Ugandan adoptive community), I chose not to share any details about our adoption while we were still in process. But because this blog is the story of our lives... I want to go back and fill in those empty spaces.

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Here's the message I posted to my secret/private facebook group from the halfway point of my first trip.


Ack. My time here is over halfway over...which is lovely because I'm missing my boys...but also tragic because I'll be leaving M. I'm already starting to work to bring myself to a place of TRUST. Theoretically, I totally trust the Lord and know that He loves M far more than I do. But actually living that out is a whole different thing. I am thankful to be put in a place of total dependence, and have started actually writing out my fears as confessions, which is helpful. I know I'll be a basket case saying goodbye to him, but I want to be a basket case walking in FAITH not fear.

This afternoon I'm taking M for his dr. appointment, to get a fuller idea of his health (this is required for his visa to come back to the states after court.) We went on Friday, but they just did the TB test, which will have to be read today also... Praying for no surprises, and wisdom if there are surprises!!

Tomorrow morning, I'm going craft shopping, to buy a few gifts, and hopefully some Ugandan necklaces I can sell as a fundraiser... This afternoon & tomorrow afternoon, I'll be at the babies' home with M and his friends! And Thursday I get to meet some facebook friends in real life, and watch them meet their son, I'm so excited!!

The number one question I'm getting right now is when does little M get to come home? I wish I knew the answer to that... First our lawyer gets our case together - which means she'll gather the information she needs from us, talk to the police who found M/to whom he was reported and the probation officer assigned to his case (probation officer means something different here, I think it's the person who was in charge of finding a babies home for him, it's like a social worker), and runs an ad in the local paper asking if anyone has any information about M's family or objection to his adoption. Then she'll file our case....families who are filed right now are waiting 3-5 weeks for a court date, from the point of filing...I don't want to get my hopes up, especially since my lawyer is busy with all of the families who have court dates starting next week - the courts have been on recess and reconvene next week, so a LOT of families have cases coming up in the next month. But basically... we could have a court date in late Sept/early Oct...or it could take much longer - even 6 months. We're praying it would be sooner, of course!

Hi Sweet Friends!

I only have a few minutes... but wanted to let you know that M's dr. appointment went fine (very wasn't very thorough or anything. But no TB, so that's good!)

He & I both have a cold (as do the rest of the kids in his class and his teacher - runny noses...coughing... I have a sore throat. Ick.) But other than that, he is wonderful. The appointment took FOREVER, which cost me a lot in driver fees (the driver waited, since they kept telling me it would just be a few more minutes...), but was lovely because I got lots of time with M. When we got back to the babies home I kept him with me for a while and he played in my room - he enjoyed building a tower of all my medicine bottles (pepto...anti-malarials...probiotics...allergy meds... :D)

Loving this time with him, and getting to know some of the Mamas in the home better as well. I discovered the reward of washing dishes after dinner - you miss the naked wet babies running around game, but get to talk to Mama Kate, who is precious. Both of her parents died when she was young and she LOVES to talk about Jesus and how He has sustained her. So sweet.

Would you join me in praying that our lawyer would get back to me? I need to get M's passport pics to her and want to make sure there's nothing else she needs from me - but I can't get texts to go through on either number I have for her, and can't get ahold of her calling either.

Would you also pray for our finances? I know I'm borrowing trouble, but knowing that all of our stuff is turned in...and hoping for a quick court date...leaves room for fear that we'll get that court date and not yet be able to afford to travel. The Lord has provided EACH step of the way exactly what we need. But I still find myself feeling fearful about the NEXT step! Oh me of little faith...

Love love love to all of you!! And still thankful for each of your notes and sweet words - and looking forward to being able to share more when I get home ...

Speaking of that... I also can't wait for the day when M is old enough to understand how many people loved our family and HIM enough to pray and give toward him having a family. Amazing.