Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My Etsy shop has been keeping my hands busy… I so appreciate both the opportunity to make some $$ for our adoption fund (update on that coming soon), but also have really enjoyed designing and making so many bags. No such thing as business being too good but…I’ve sold out of the pretty flower coffee cuffs, and the Africa coffee cuffs (planning to make more of those this weekend!) And I had to stop taking custom Bible study/teacher bag orders – I had 2 orders for 5 each, plus an order for 20 (my AWESOME friend Tina got them for all of the prayer group leaders in our Moms’ study.) I had SO MUCH FUN making all of these bags, particularly the ones I knew would be given to my prayer group leader friends. I ended up making 26 so that there would be some choice (I didn’t want the last gal who picked to not have any choices), and so that I could have some inventory left over to sell.

All these orders allowed me to build up quite a gallery of different bags. If you want to see all the ones I’ve made so far, check it out:

Here’s the link if you want to take a closer look.

(And yes, I gave all of my bags girl names…so if people want a specific fabric for a custom order, they can request it by name. And since I’ve only had experience naming boys…I sure had fun naming those bags. Matt thinks I’m ridiculous. :D)

I’m loading the 6 bags I have left for inventory onto my Etsy store this morning, so keep an eye out for them. I have a couple new ones coming as well, I ended up with 3 extra sets of fabric, but stopped sewing at 26 bags, since I figured that would be plenty of choices. A couple of my favorite fabric combinations didn’t get chosen, if you know me well, you can probably guess which ones those are!

While I LOVED making all of these bags, I did have a little bit of sewing-rebellion with all of these deadlines.  A few times in the last month, I desperately needed to make something that wasn’t that same bag pattern.

So I made a little Easter cuteness…


Plus, a little something for myself. I’ve teen toying with this design in my imagination for a while, and was able to use scraps from some of the bags for the ruffles. Can you guess what the body of the bag is made of?


My former favorite pair of capri pants – which were still super comfortable, but hopelessly out of style. So now they get to be my favorite Spring purse!

Hilariously, when I showed it to Luke, he asked, “What about your old purse?” Me: “It’s right there, I’m going to put it away until Fall.” Luke: “What was wrong with it?” Me: “Nothing, why?” Luke: “Well, why did you need a new purse?” Me: Speechless. How do you explain seasonal purses to an 11 year old boy (when his daddy doesn’t really understand that either?”)  But this seasonal purse didn’t cost me a cent! And I love it! It’s a girl thing.