Friday, January 14, 2011


DSC_7146Much to my boys’ DELIGHT we finally got a big snow this week.  Big enough that LPS called snow days Monday and Tuesday. We were thrilled, and the boys spent almost all afternoon Monday outside. (In case you’re wondering…I was just outside long enough to take pictures. And then I came back inside and drank a hot drink.)

We’re hoping for some sledding this weekend, but for the moment the boys have had to make do with sledding down our front yard. Good times.
Dudley enjoyed it too!
Luke got $10 for scooping the driveway!IMG_1302 IMG_1306
And Tobin made snow angels for free :).
IMG_1312 IMG_1325
Luke finished off the day building snow forts on either side of the driveway with our neighbor and friend, Zack. Then they got out their nerf guns and went to town…
Tuesday was crazy cold. Luke & Zack braved it out, but Tobin and Sarah only lasted about 5 minutes. 30 minutes to get them bundled up, 5 minutes of playing. :)
Stay warm & drink hot cocoa! :)