Monday, August 31, 2009

August is the month of growing up. Bittersweet.

On the 19th, L started the 4th grade. So far, he really likes his teacher, Mrs. Barker. She is the one 4th grade teacher he'd heard of, so she was the one he was "really wanting!" She also has the reputation of talking in dog voices, so he thinks she's pretty cool. I volunteer 1/week, but last Friday was my first time in the classroom, I haven't heard the dog voice yet.

Here he is on the first day of school:

Isn't he big?

And cute?

And don't you love how you can see Matt's reflection in the door? :)

In other growing up news... If you're ever going about your day, wondering what your friend (or daughter/sister/niece) is doing up there in Nebraska.... Right now, probably the answer is "the potty dance." That's right, friends, we're potty training. Which is apparently code for "peeing all over the house." I asked for advice on Facebook, and the overwhelming majority of people recommended nakedness as a very helpful tool. I've only made it through a few hours of bare - booty, because the first time I tried it I couldn't keep the dog from licking aforementioned bare booty, and because T kept playing with himself and ended up with very irritated private parts ("owwie! Pena owieee!!) But he peed right through all the underwear, and was just thrilled each time he got to change into a clean pair - clearly counter productive. He does absolutely love sitting on the big boy potty, he just doesn't quite make the connection that he has any control yet. We tried nakie boy with a little more success today - I bought a potty seat. We had been just using the kind that sits on the big pot, and he actually preferred just sitting on the potty himself, he's not afraid of falling in. I'm kind of bitter, because just last month I sold the potty seat Matt & Julie used for Luke. I think they are gross, and couldn't figure out why they are necessary, since T likes the big pot just fine. In case anyone else has wondered that - it's so you can take it into every room with you, and they don't have to run to the bathroom, by which time, the jig is up. And your carpet is "soiled." (I hate that word.)'s a froggy potty seat, $15 at Target, and he LOVES it. He sat on it most of the afternoon, with and without reason. And only 2 "soilings" so that's better than the first try. And the dog seems to be over the novelty of little-boy-bootie smells. I also (on my friend Cassie's recommendation) ordered "Potty Power" which is apparently a miracle working DVD. So that's one exciting adventure for the Meyers. When it gets frustrating (which fortunately is just in the makes-you-laugh category of frustrating), I just remind myself of my friend Tyne, who is also potty training, but with the goal of getting down to just 2 in diapers, rather than 3. Yikes.

Our other growing up adventure is this:

For about a month now (thanks to coaching from his cousin), T has been able to climb out of his crib. Last week it became and every day thing, so I had Matt get out the toddler bed this weekend. Despite my plan to keep him in his crib until he was 5.

T loves his big boy bed almost as much as the froggy potty. He even told the lady at Target (from whom we bought the froggy potty) all about it. Except mostly he likes the FREEDOM of getting up whenever he wants to. And he likes to jump on it. Last night was our first in the big boy bed, and he went down OK, but was up today at 6AM. (I was - thank the Lord - able to get him back in bed and he fell back asleep, because it was still dark outside & we were all still in bed. 30 minutes later & I would have been up, I don't know if I could have convinced him to go back to bed.) And no nap today - it really seems a pity you can't crib (imprison) your children for longer - I wonder how many toddlers drop their naps before they're really ready to give up the extra sleep, just because the allure of freedom and independence is greater than their tiredness? I made him stay in his room, but he was pretty hysterical, and spent a good long time in there screaming "I AWAKE!!!! I AWAKE!!!!" He even tried telling me he needed to go potty (screaming, again). Enforce nap time or reinforce potty training? Wasn't sure how to handle that dilemma.

I do think it must be hard to be a toddler. He's so infatuated with his independence, but doesn't know how to live independently under authority (that would be me!)

So...the boys are growing up. If you asked T how old he is, he would say, "I BIG!" And he does love doing anything L does, so he can be a big boy. They are a joy and a delight, even when one of them is up at 6am. Although I confess I did respond to my little joy by rolling over at 6am and telling Matt, "The little Turkey is up and out."