Friday, March 18, 2011

We are go for launch…

I can hardly believe my baby boy is about to be 4 (his birthday isn’t until next week, but I’ll be out of town next weekend, so we celebrated tonight.)

For almost a year now he’s been saying he wanted an astronaut party (for a while, it was an astronaut dinosaur party… He’s been saying for almost a year that he wanted to be an astronaut when he grows up – until about a month ago, when he decided he’d rather be a cowboy. But still an astronaut party…

Pretty cute astronaut, wouldn’t you say? I got the costume a couple of days after Halloween last year, for a steal, figuring he could either wear it for his space party, or for Halloween next year. But halfway through the party he had a big rip in the seat of his pants. Oh well… $3. You get what you pay for.

We are still in the years of family-only parties. Maybe next year we’ll branch out and do a friend party to (we only do one for Luke every other year, so we’ll probably follow that plan for T as well.) But our family is so fun and big, it still feels like a party.


My mom works at Johnson Space Center, and sent me a space playset to use to decorate the cupcakes, and between the 2 boys’ many astronaut toys (other gifts from nana over the years) we had quite a space spread.

For Tobin’s gift from us, I made him a “Fort Kit”. I had seen these for sale in a catalog, but the item got discontinued, and I forgot about it until I saw this post. What a great idea! Betsy picked up a couple of sheets at goodwill for me, and I bough a flashlight, a couple of ropes and a bunch of clothespins at the Dollar Store. I made a cute storage bag, and voila! Cutest present ever. And hopefully a deterrent to building forts out of every pillow and blanket in the house.

Luke broke it in for Tobin and got a fort going downstairs while Tobin finished opening his gifts.

So fun!

I also talked to my awesome friend Ashley, who crochets the cutest little stuffed animals. I was going to have her make an animal, but couldn’t decide which one to choose. She found out it was an astronaut party and said she’d try to figure out a rocket for him. So our second gift for him was this:

How cute is THAT? The curly “fire” at the bottom is my favorite part. Tobin kept making it “BLAST OFF!” all night long.  Check out Ashley’s Etsy Shop, such cute things! The penguin is pretty cute, and the bunny adorable. But our rocket is the cutest, I think :).

Tobin agrees:

Happy Birthday Tobin! You are a continual JOY…we praise God for 4 years with you.