Sunday, April 18, 2010

The DIRT party lives on…

T got a lot of AWESOME toys his birthday – and some pretty sweet clothes, which is super for Mommy & Daddy’s budget. But of all the awesome things he got, you know what he’s played with the MOST since his B-day?

Construction 003

That’s right: The construction cars we have had for years (boxed up – they are in a playset of Luke’s with small parts), the pan from his cake, and some black eyed peas I had in the cabinet. He’s played will all of his new toys as well, but the beans? Every day. I finally packed them up and put them away for a bit (because I was tired of cleaning beans off the floor…)

But he sure does love it…

Construction 002

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Maybe my favorite thing I’ve made EVER…

Please come to my house so you can see the very happy wreath hanging on my door.

This may not be to everyone’s taste, but I think it’s about the cutest thing EVER.
The only things cuter are the ones I was modeling after.

Two of my very favorite craft blogs are and

I have no idea how I found Crystal at little bit funky, but I feel like she’s my friend. Her website is so happy and friendly and we obviously have the same taste in colors. Looking at her site sealed the deal for me – I want to learn to sew!! She has an awesome Etsy shop as well, where she sells wonderful, beautiful, messy things, all of which I’d like 1 of, please. I especially love her happy Ho Ho monsters (but I think T is a little old to justify buying one…If I’d found her before I’d bought Bday presents for him, I probably would have gotten him one anyway b/c they are adorable.)

Anyway…When I first found her site, she had just posted this amazingly cute wreath. Much cuter than mine, but it was enough to inspire me to try it myself…

As I was gathering the supplies for the yarn wreath, I was also developing a fondness for burlap, which is being used in really cute projects all over the web, but especially by lovely Jen at tatertotsandjello. I love her burlap wreaths!

So I combined elements of both of these very talented ladies, and now I have cuteness hanging on my front door. LOVE IT.